Dear Marrickville.


Dear Marrickville.

We have had a love affair for some time now, you and I.
I or my family and friends have called you home since I moved to Sydney in 2002.

Last week, through The Bower ReUse and Repair Co-Operative you returned this love in kind. 

Subject to a three month trial period, I have been appointed the new General Manager of The Bower. This is a position which both excites and challenges me, and as a current member and consignee artist of The Bower I am very pleased to be given a position which allows me to wholly contribute to your upkeep and development over the coming years. While this position does divert some of my creative attention from my own furniture resurrection, it is one that I think will benefit from my passion for reuse and in return bring a whole new aspect to my work beyond the Co-Op.

Over the past month I have been afforded the opportunity to meet a brilliant array of people from businesses on Addison Road. Those in my own co-op, as well as Reverse Garbage, but also the fantastic staff of the new cafe (soon to be tapas bar) 2204, and James of StudioDome.

James is a gentleman I have a lot of time for, for his optimism and enthusiasm, and for his continuing endeavor  to create a space for work which sits precariously between art and design. He once espoused a theory about Milan to me that I enjoy greatly.

Originally, Milan was the manufacturing centre of Italy, a hot house of industrial productivity. The government identified this and wisely invested time, money and energy in developing this potential by supporting designers and artisans to work in the region. James would have you see Marrickville as Milan in the making. We have the industry, the production and (in my opinion) just the right proportion of frustrated yet motivated artists and designers to pursue this dream.

Not only does StudioDome display the work of a variety of people, in a myriad of mediums and themes, the staff are committed to educating the public on the rhyme and reason for the work existing at all. James tirelessly promotes his artists both on his website and in person, and I think that deserves some praise in kind. Please go out of your way, or stop off on your next visit to the Addison Road Community Centre to get to know this neck of the woods, we’re worth it!

So to James, and Andy of 2204, and to Marrickville, thank-you for being, and for providing like voices of enthusiasm for our community, and for welcoming me to the fold. I look forward to the years to come.

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