For me, it’s been a rather short makeover from Spiderwyck to Disgrace took all of 6 weeks in between other things.There’s dual inspiration in this piece. Everyone always falls in love with Beppe and I’ve been wanting to do another green-stripey-floral-with-hot-pink-stripe for awhile now. The second part was that she was such a dainty, delicate little chair, I was telling a group of would-be upholsterers that I would likely need to flaunt it – some sort of racing stripe or pink-rinse would help her grow old disracefully.

I used salvaged, water damaged stripes, faded florals from Lola & Marv‘s original incarnation and hot pink designer remnants, to come up with a palette that aimed to be shocking, albeit in a floral sort of way.

I even went through 3 coats of paint to find the right shade of full-blown hot, hot pink, but ultimately I think we might be so used to country style, DIY aesthetic and Maaike upholstery that she isn’t so very disgraceful to us…

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