Bev asked me if I had a thing for stripes when I bought my remnants at her shop in East Redfern.

Truth is I have a thing for stripes and I have a thing for flocked and velvet fabrics. Have done ever since I made Beppe with such outstanding results. Which is not to flatter myself, but to focus on the unadulterated joy I find in making something so potentially ugly into something of merit.

The thing about stripes like this is they remind me of pyjamas. Better yet, old man dressing gowns. And ever since I realised this, I can think of no better fabric with which to cover a comfort chair – this stuff literally hugs you back.

None of which bears any relation to the chair of the day. Except for the part about stripes.

Juanita is somewhere between a paupers hovel and grandma’s loungeroom. She’s oddly proportioned, flaking past lives of yellow and grey paint, and somewhat imposing.

Until I gave her a patchwork seat in purples, greys and pinks. I’ve been dying to do a straight up patchwork chair for ages. No fancy stencils, no text, no viewer imposed politics. Just fabric spliced together, composed just so – till the heart sings.

It’s hard to convey the glow of the chair  in such crappy weather/evening light. I was doing well to hide the rain. But as it shows no signs of abating we shall have to make do.


  1. Carolyn says

    There’s such a lovely vicarious joy I get from reading your posts Maaike… your passion and love for resurrecting these unloved orphans always gives me a smile (not to mention the desire to have you work that enthusiastic magic on my nanna green armchairs one day… will keep putting aside the pennies :-)

  2. says

    Hey Maai,

    I think this has to be one of my favourites, you’re never going to replace the theatre seats in my heart, but this comes close :D Love getting your posts.

  3. Rosie says

    i love this one, its such a beautiful image too, very painterly one… groovy!

    can you have a competition so we can win them?

    simply delicious stuff in here…

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