Leichhardt was a curbside karma chair.

Late last year I spent 2 days teaching upholstery courses in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Its exhausting, but extremely rewarding work, and at the end of each day, Michelle and I would grab a coffee in a leafy little street, flex our weary feet and bemoan our exhaustion.

On the second day, on the way to coffee, I saw Leichhardt.

If I have a super power, it’s my ability to spot a chair – on the street, under a pile of rubbish, in the mostly obscured storeroom of shop or the corner of a movie screen. I nearly caused an accident suddenly swerving to the curb to pick up this little number.

I stripped it over christmas so when inspiration hit it would be ready to go. I’m not normally one to work through a heatwave, but suddenly I had a delivery lined up and a means of getting it all to The Pear House.  Lauren had called dibbs on this chair well before time, so I got stuck into it this week.

It’s another in the vein of Darlo & New, who received so much attention and have recently gone to a good home. Unlike Darlo and New, Leichhardt makes use of Sydney street banners as well as coffee sacks and teatowels.

The result is possibly less ‘crisp’ than Darlo and New, but ever since I did Old Gold I’ve had a weakness for chocolate and caramel shades. I’m still not sure it’s out of my system.

Amusingly enough, this has possibly sold through The Pear House before it even hits the floor – all that work and I still owe Lauren a chair!

Next on the list? A commission for suburbia in orange x 2, the painting of a lidded school desk, and one day, the backyard Stepford Wives and co – after the heat evaporates and before the rainy season sets in…


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