Shopping for Gentlemen(‘s club chairs)

Saturday was one big day for me! Relinquishing Lola & Marv to the bower, and then beginning the epic resurrection of Big Red, discovering Junktique (3) and chair hunting with B.
B and her partner recently bought a very lovely terrace, replete with backyard and studio/garage with attached courtyard. Their upstairs library has been painted in green chalkboard paint as you will recall from previous posts. They are also in posession of a lovely set of painty steps which they plan on keeping that way, just one of the many reasons I enjoy B so much.

Downstairs in the dining room I got to see their dining table in person, made on commission by Bricolage, the best furniture dreamer-upper I know. When they’re finished moving in I will get to see it in action – the table splits in the middle to reveal a timber extension leaf every bit as beautiful as it’s covers.
yes, that is a mannequin leg, one of 4 holding up the table….
Back to chair searching. We headed off hunting something with wings – something plush and victorian-esque, something you can curl up in with a good book, to stare over the top of while you contemplate chalk graffiti from last night’s soiree and nurse your hangover with a bowl of coffee.
Strangely dwarfed not-quite 2 seater couch we were tempted by
We found several contenders, but no final winners as yet. Never ones to be beaten down, we pressed on to Reverse Garbage on Addison Rd in Marrickville to capitalize on their Upholstery Bonanza weekend.  B has made several lovely purchases with these mythic chairs in mind, including this amazing piece of Japanese Kimono Silk, which is serving as a starting point for our color palette.

Leaving Reverse Garbage 20 minutes and 15 metres of fabric later we had a colour concept for our mythical chairs. Plum reds and slate greys in a variety of textures.

The part I love most about charcoal and cherry red is the way it makes my newest chair sing!

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