Stencilling Tables Part 2 – Augustine Kofi

I’ve looked at printed tables before with the work of Gezellig Print, and have recently been discussing the resurrection of a nest of tables with a client. I don’t often get to play with table tops, as I am so very distracted by chairs. If I began collecting tables as well I would have to take on a warehouse to survive amongst the furniture jungle.

If I was to start collecting tables, I’d like to collect other peoples. After a Gezellig original, I think Augustine Kofi would be my next point of call.
The table features laser cut imported tropical Avodire wood that is hand stained & inlaid into laser cut, powder-coated steel base with a smooth routed glass top.
It feels very much to me like a futurist stencil of Escher’s hand.
Lithograph by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher first printed in January 1948
In both these images I think there is something about the angle and proximity of the hand in the process of creation that is quite powerful.