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At Maaike Home Designs, we offer extra than just interior layout. Our crew is made up of interior designers, 3d renderers, artists, image designers, builders, shopfitters and trades. We can see a mission thru from layout to construction, branding to grand opening.

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Maaike Designs, places a strong focus in the commercial space revitalising workspaces through our advanced creative processes.


Need professional inspiration & guidance from our expert Hampton styling designers? We craft 3D renders and video walkthroughs.


Remodelling your home or looking for some design inspiration? Our local team of experts have extensive experience in residential interiors!

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How Healthy Food Choices Make For Productive Workplaces

Plenty of us have had days we’d rather forget. Perhaps you arrive late to work, then a meeting you attend ends with some choice words being made in your direction. Not only that, but a tight deadline meant you skipped lunch and before you know it, it’s mid-afternoon and you’re frazzled and hungry – very hungry. By this time, the chances are that healthy salad you’d been planning to eat is looking nowhere near as appealing. So, what do you do? You head straight for the comfort food option instead, and before you know it, you’re filling up on high-calorie snacks like potato chips, chocolate and cookies. It’s a well-known fact that our food choices go hand in hand with how we’re feeling. There are countless movies that feature someone newly heartbroken, gorging themselves on a tub of ice cream, for example, and it’s true that when we’re unhappy we tend to eat foods high in things like calories, salt, fat and sugar. However, it’s actually more complex than that. Research, carried out recently, has shown that our working environment has much to do with our eating habits, and not only for the worse. There is a science behind the correlation behind our emotional wellbeing and the foods we eat… and the effect those foods have on our work performance. Given that, it would be a good idea for your employer to take this on board when arranging the catering they offer. Take a recent study undertaken by the University of Delaware in the USA. It looked into the correlation between our moods and the food choices we make, in particular, our thoughts and emotions in opting for healthy meals. Research previous has revealed that we often still choose unhealthy foods when we’re feeling good (for example, choosing from the sweet trolley during a celebratory meal). Other research, however, has revealed that when we’re in a good place emotionally for longer spells, we tend to opt for healthier food. Temporary good moods, on the other hand, leave us more likely to comfort eat in order to prolong the feeling. The University of Delaware study goes into detail about the foods we eat and times to come. As part of the study, those taking part were separated into groups. One would be asked to think about the here and now, the other about the future. Regardless of the moods of the participants, those who were asked to think about the future were more likely to make better food choices. In other words, when you concentrate on the present time, you’re more likely to reach for a quick fix, food-wise, and that’s often caused by poor moods. So, what can we do about it? One trick is to think about the future next time you’re feeling under strain, in a bad place emotionally, or have too much on your plate generally. Think about what motivates you – can you imagine rising to your manager’s position a few years from now, or bringing some long-awaited…
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Top tips that interior designers refuse to disclose before they’re paid the big bucks

We apprehend that indoors designers do not need to offer you unfastened guidelines for making extra of your house, as it is their livelihood they might be impacting on, however we additionally suppose that a bit freebie now after which is an extraordinary manner to get you inquisitive about indoors layout and eager to improve your property! With that during mind, we’re organized to make ourselves a bit unpopular with the clothier community, via way of means of sharing six pinnacle guidelines which could get you began out on your house revamp agenda! From extraordinary approaches to apply what little area you’ve got available, to getting extra bang in your greenback withinside the kitchen, we’ve a number of exceptional thoughts so as to see your house playing a severe injection of fashion, for unfastened! 1. Use useless area in a smart manner. Interior designers make it appearance so smooth to create area wherein there by no means was once any and that is due to the fact they faucet into wallet of useless area which you in all likelihood do not even consider! Under-stairs regions are key and might emerge as such available garage, show or characteristic areas, as visible here! Just have a take a observe all that glorious shelving! 2. Build up in case you cannot construct out. So a lot of us name in an indoors clothier due to the fact we’ve a tiny domestic that we cannot prepare successfully ourselves, however here is a pinnacle tip for you; construct UP! A small room will nevertheless have masses of peak to take benefit of, so why now no longer upload in a exceptional mezzanine, if you want to come up with luggage of garage area below it? 3. Use massive garage in slender areas. Don’t pass questioning that a slender room desires to be saved minimum that allows you to now no longer sense too cramped, as you want to pressure your eyes to peer a one-of-a-kind perspective, no play as much as those you already have! Adding a complete wall of remarkable shelving or bookcases on the a long way give up will make the gap appear longer and appearance wider, as who might have cumbersome garage in a slender room? Clever stuff! 4. Build as much as the ceiling. This is a pinnacle tip that indoors designers do not need you to know! Instead of such as pinnacle shelves for your kitchen that meet coving or simply end midway up the wall, construct all of the manner as much as the ceiling, to garner a wealth of more garage and create a continuing contemporary-day appearance. If you’ve got got a coloured kitchen, consider making the ones pinnacle cabinets white, for the final in clothier chic! 5. Divide areas with purposeful items. Open-plan areas may be a incredible manner to make extra of a smaller domestic, however there’ll continually come a time while you fancy simply that bit extra privacy! With this in mind, indoors designers endorse the usage of necessary,…
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