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Maaike Home Design is a full-service agency that specializes in bespoke residential estates. The challenge of Maaike Home Design is to create inte­ri­ors which are timeless, state-of-the-art while remaining functional. The agency was formed at the start of 2006 by director Taylor Powell. Trained as an Interior Designer in Perth, Taylor has developed a passion for simplistic yet modern designs from specific eras, origins, cultures and styles. Her expertise of scale and design leads her to create harmonious, smooth and warm residential environments.

Taylor Powell studied a Bachelors of Interior Architecture at Curtin University and won her experience working at some of Melbourne’s biggest interior design agencies. She has designed, renovated and undertaken complete redesigns of residential estates throughout the city and turned into lucky to paintings on Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House, a $40 million, 6,000 square foot Hamptons Revival townhouse in Central Perth.

Inspired with the aid of her mother, a skilled master craftsman, Taylor has a thorough information of timeless design, custom furnishings and the construction of excellent handcrafted furnishings. Taylor’s affinity for classical paperwork and close interest to detail, great and capability permeate sophisticated residing environments. Often her initiatives are new traits wherein the clients are seeking out an entire luxury experience at the same time as also increasing the value of their new houses through capital improvements. Erika’s customers fee her collaborative approach, her understanding of capital development and her capacity to translate her client’s lifestyle and options into one among a type tailored home.

The tasks of Maaike Home Design have taken Taylor from coast to coast with customers in Perth, the Central Coast, Melbourne and as some distance out as Rural Australia.

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