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Make your own piece of furniture and learn to upholster at home with this awesome project kit!

It's a mini master class in contemporary upholstery. A rewarding hands on project, and a creative outlet for students of all experience levels.

If you're keen to learn upholstery, iinterested in DIY furniture, and not sure where to start, furnish.ed is the answer.

With furnish.ed you don’t need to travel, you don’t need to align your schedule with ours, no need to hunt for supplies in a hundred different places.

Simply pre-order your kit on kickstarter now and we’ll deliver it to your door.

It's an all or nothing campaign and time is limited, tell your friends today!

The Atomic Ottoman Kit from furnish.ed - in a nutshell.

Think of Kickstarter as a giant workshop. Your enrollment is now called a "pledge" and The Atomic Ottoman Kit is your "reward".  We need minimum numbers to run, so please vaisit our kickstarter page to read about the many rewards on offer and pledge/enroll today!

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The Atomic Ottoman Kit

Learn to upholster at home with a rewarding hands on project and a creative outlet for students of all experience levels.


What is Kickstarter?

We want you to think of it as a giant Atomic Ottoman Workshop -  you can ONLY enroll until August 11th.


What You'll Learn

Specifically designed to teach you key skills in upholstery, ensuring the confidence and techniques to tackle future projects.


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What students are saying...

"Maaike's courses are the gold standard of upholstery teaching - she knows everything, inspires creativity and helps you make something really special. I can't recommend her courses enough if you've got an upholstery itch you need to scratch!"

- Sophie, serial upholstery student

"Great experience! It was thorough, explained at every stage, with options and possibilities, learned plenty of new skills and walked away with a great piece of furniture!"

- Maja, Architect & Designer

"Each time I do a workshop with Maaike I learn more techniques and tips and each time I end up with another piece of "professionally" upholstered furniture. I get such a confidence boost from the workshops and I'm always proud of my finished piece. I made that!"

 - Angela, pre-loved furniture flipper

"Maaike is a fabulous teacher and gave me the confidence and necessary guidance to pursue upholstery as a professional career. I'm now progressing happily through my formal education and loving every minute of my new vocation."

- Annette, Small business owner

“This lady is a font of knowledge which would rival older masters of the trade... I can say with certainty that this course is one of the best I have experienced”

- Alison, Sewing Instructor


furnish.ed is the brain child of Maaike, furniture designer and maker.

A qualified interior designer, upholsterer and teacher, Maaike began running classes in DIY upholstery in 2011, aware that there were plenty of people keen to learn, but less sure on where to start...

In the 7 years since, she has worked with local councils, private businesses, the Australian Design Centre and Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) delivering a variety of DIY Upholstery programs to students of all skill levels.

A serial maker, Maaike is committed to delivering workshops, products and education that empower students and inspire confidence. Each project focuses on transferable skills, ensuring graduates have the foundation skills to tackle their next kerbside find or thriftshop bargain.

The Atomic Ottoman Kit is designed for beginners an intermediate DIY upholsterers. The techniques you learn will help you create perfect curved padding, strong foundations and beautifully smooth fabric covers on a variety of future projects - dining chairs, foot stools bedheads and benches.


We're excited to announce a special collaboration with renowned Australian painter, printmaker and textile designer Julie Paterson.

Her Cloth fabric is a favourite of studioMAAIKE and students alike, and has featured on several Atomic Ottomans completed by past students.

Described as earthy, raw and drawn from the land, Julie's handprinted linen and hemp upholstery weight textiles are a joy to work with.

Along with a good dose of colour, Julie brings over 20 years experience in art and design to The Atomic Ottoman Kit via the ScrapCloth Bundle.

A textile accessory pack available in 3 colourways, each bundle is comprised of printed and plain Cloth Fabric remnants in linen and hemp, hand picked by Julie.

Bundles include choice offcuts from some of her latest prototype fabrics - material that you’ll find nowhere else!

With Julie on board we can further champion an ethos close both our hearts – reusing and re-working materials and objects, creating exciting new pieces that exceed the sum of their parts.

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