Introducing the Atomic Ottoman Kit

Specifically designed so you can learn how to upholster at home.

We’ve placed 10 years of furniture making, upholstery and teaching experience in a box, along with quality supplies and professional video tutorials.

It's a mini master class in upholstery, that ends in a fab piece of furniture!

It can be done in a day, or in smaller steps and stolen moments. You can make it by yourself, or with a whole host of friends.

Students of all experience levels will The Atomic ottoman a rewarding and creative outlet, and the upholstery techniques learned throughout will take you from DIY to professional.

We've made it so easy. Simply visit our kickstarter campaign to choose your Kit, add textiles, tools or both - then click "pledge".


Thank the mailman, and clear that bench/dining table, then...

- Unpack your sturdy plywood and pine parts, metal hardware and precision cut upholstery supplies

- Log on for professional video tutorials

- Assemble your frame, apply upholstery foundations, padding and expert details

- Stop, replay and pause your tutorials as needed

- Refer to your handy print guide, and make your own notes as you go.

Jump up and down! You made a very excellent piece of furniture with your own two hands!

Intrigued? visit our kickstarter campaign to read more and order your kit BEFORE 11th AUGUST!


The Atomic Ottoman Kit is designed to teach you how to upholster using simple hand tools you probably already have - flat & phillips screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, sharp scissors and a medium duty staple gun from your local multinational hardware chain.

Access to a sewing machine is great, but not essential - there are only 2 straight lines to be sewn in this project, and if you really don't like sewing machines, one seam can be avoided altogether, while the other can be done by hand.

We'll step you through every inch of the process in thorough, comprehensive video tutorials, and connect you to an online group of students to share support successes and inspiration!