Kickstarter - What it is, and Why We're using it.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that lets a large number of individuals support exciting ideas and projects – combining their powers, they can make great things happen!

In our case, we want you to think of it as a giant Atomic Ottoman Workshop.

Until now, when we offered a live workshop, we specified an enrollment deadline, a date, and a location. We hoped it would suit 10 students on all 3 counts, so they could enroll and we could run an Atomic Ottoman Workshop.

Now, with Kickstarter, your enrollment is called a “pledge”, and the Atomic Ottoman Kit is called a “Reward”.  And you can ONLY pledge/enroll until August 11th.

While a live workshop would commit you to an event date, The Atomic Ottoman Kit will be there for you, to be made at your place, when it suits you!

Just like a live workshop, we need minimum numbers in advance of the event. This bankrolls production, preparation, rent and all the other things that go into making something awesome.

When you pre-order your kit on kickstarter you’re not just buying a piece of furniture, or even just supplies in a box,  you’re investing in the production of high quality video tutorials that will make sure you can do this at home! You’re also telling us that you want what we’re making, and that keeps us fired up and working hard for you.

Check out our pitch video to see what we’re capable of and imagine what we can do together!

Ready to pledge your support? Visit our Kickstarter Campaign to select a Kit and accessory packs to suit you

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